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The site is now the most comprehensive illustrated Wall Site on the Web and if published as a book would be larger than any book published about the Wall. 

The objective of the Group is to research, visit and walk Hadrian’s Wall and prepare guides for this website so that that the Roman Empire’s most heavily defended frontier can be better understood.

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We started in early 2013, and have guides to over 30 Roman Forts including all the Wall Forts. There are guides to 40 miles of the Wall with visible remains including about 20 galleries of the walks, events and the forts. There are guides to the northern Roman conquest, the Wall and the all the legions in Britain. The site has 900 pictures and illustrations.

We have largely completed our initial objects, but as our knowledge increased the importance of the forts north and south of the Wall becomes more significant , and is wrong to consider the Wall in isolation. It became part of an in depth defence system controlling the communications running through the Wall particularly in the 3rd and 4th centuries.

The site has become the definitive source for the serious visitor and we are adding more to the site, which will includes a more detailed history, an analysis of the civil communities, religion and information about ancillary units, which were backbone of the Wall. Also videos are being added to illustrate our information.

Remember most Wall sites contain information, which is highly misleading; great care has been taken to verify the information here. There is bibliography, links to other Wall sites to videos and information on the wall’s history, the purpose of the Wall and the way it was built. There is now a section on the museums dedicated to the Wall,

This map shows the extent of the frontier complex.

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More information will be added as we examine other sites and additional aspects.

The Hadrian’s Wall Group is open to all U3A members.